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HeadSail is the most forward sail on a boat, and typically the most powerful sail on the journey.

HeadSail is, in this instance, a place for me to pursue my passion for creating valuable experiences and outcomes for the people in my professionaland personal community.

This work has many facets, which is the essence of any creative endeavor in business and in life.

Connecting organizations and people is a steady component of my work through these and other organizations I serve in an Advisory or Board capacity.

I thrive on a healthy dose of intelligent risk, which is an imperfect balancing act. Not every moment of life is in perfect risk balance but I am keeping score on this metric and many more moments of mine have been balanced with intelligent risk than not.

Other than my family, and a desire to learn as much as I can, value creation drives my days.

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Tony Lorenz, CMM
HeadSail, LLC